Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Big appetite

It would seem that the most energy consuming organ in me is my BRAIN.

My appetite lately is almost insatiable since work commenced, leaving me feeling famished 99% of the time, despite eating plenty! And I know it's plenty because it is scary just looking at the amount of food I vanish off everyday.

Current lunch plans have been updated to:

A mug of Cadbury's Hot Chocolate
4 slices of bread with jam
1 bag of random crisps
2 tomatoes

As it takes me an hour to get home after work, I have also found myself planning a pre-dinner snack on my journey, now being:

2 bananas
1 KitKat

Don't even want to get started on my breakfast/ dinner. And the worst part is, I haven't grown at all! Am I an alien or something?

1 comment:

JL said...

Nope.. u're not an alien.. you'll grow soon... side ways that it :P