Sunday, February 22, 2009

Manchester PM2 Mini Reunion

Manchester Trip 21 Feb 2009

I can't believe no PM2-ian so far has made an effort for a mini reunion in UK! We should start making a law about this, making this a compulsory event. Considering there are so many PM2-ians invaded the UK (Bristol, Sunderland, Manchester, Newcastle, Galway, Belfast. etc.), leaving the committed PM2-ians in Malaysia with only a few little kitties to reunite with every year. Nevermind. That makes me the pioneer, muahahahha...!

Zuo-en, Adrian and Joyce are based in Manchester universities, so it is the perfect place for a mini reunion. Partly also because they can't run away from us if we head there, hahaha, just kidding! I also managed to nag YeeLeong and Anthony to come. That, was the ideal situation.

In the end, Anthony FFK-ed us, because the transport tickets from Newcastle to Manchester is , I quote him, "too expensive"! And Joyce managed to escape to London to be with her brother. Joyce is forgivable. Anthony is found guilty, and is sentenced to be the next reunion organiser. Court is adjourned! *Slams wooden mini-hammer*

A quickie on the ones who are in UK, for the ones back home.

YeeLeong is now studying in Sunderland, instead of Belfast.

Still extremely lean and the opposite of mean, this ladies man (who never fails to help me carry my Biological Science 1&2 dumbells back in the good ol' A'Level days) charmed his way to a sweet new girlfriend, which he proudly introduced to me as, I quote YeeLeong "The Future Mrs.Lee". DingYee her name is. A 1989 Malaysian Baby. Let's see if we get wedding invitations from PohSeik or YeeLeong first =P

Then the hosts Zuo-En and Adrian took us to a very sumptuous DimSum lunch at Pacific.
Picture for Anthony to be jealous about.

Zuo-En is now very much single * Cue: GASP! *and graduating this summer! There should be plans for a reunion this summer back in Malaysia, although I won't be going home this summer =(, Zuo-En is considering of a professional career here in UK. She'll be hard to get hold of when she starts working. Partly because she won't having long summer holidays anymore, and also because she's very popular here =)

I am proud to announce that Adrian is going to be PM2's very own neurologist, and we'll also probably see him on those huge screen mamak live telecast as a goalie in the English Premier League one day. Hahaha. He was competing in football at the Manchester Malaysian Games'09 which was on the same day as well. On his love life, I think Adrian claims to be "not interested" in it. For a moment I mis-digested it as him not being interested in females. Scared me to death. I think he's just waiting for the girls to go after him when he becomes Dr. Adrian "Neurologist" Lim, rather than wasting his energy going after girls now. Heh heh.

With Lynn and DingYee (everybody practice calling Mrs.Lee) YeeLeong's female companies both from Sunderland, one for each side of his arm, hahaha. Our new friends for the day :)

That lunch is officially one of the happiest moments of my UK life, I had no idea how much I miss them until I met them. Can tell by the way we chattered non-stop, poor DingYee and Lynn was pretty lost in our conversations. Sorry! Didn't mean it. It was short, and yet it was sweet, definitely a Must-Do-Again.

A breathtaking sight outside Selfridges & Co.
I wonder if it's the Manchester Eye, because I wished that I could get on for a ride =( In the end, I went loitering and shopping around Manchester, bought a couple of stuff.

But my biggest and proudest accomplistment was still hunting down...
The Famous Krispy Kreme Doughnuts!!!

Single handedly, might I add =P
Would you believe it if I just said I followed my nose?

I will end here with a big thank you shout out to Gigi and Elwin.

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Adriano said...

hahaha, lol.....that was a nice gathering....

everyone looks the same but i think we all matured from our college days

next time must get anthony n joyce along....