Friday, February 27, 2009

I hate Broadgate Park

A very pissed off Ling is going to make this a short and mean post.

Friday was my day off, and I was hoping for a decent lie-in. In case you haven't heard, I've been feeling pretty down since returning from Manchester. Probably caught a bug from someone (ahem! I have some idea who) coupled with the lack of quality rest over the past few weeks, I'm now far far away from being Superwoman.


With my eyes 25% opened, hair messed up, face randomly dotted with white pimple cream, in my sloppy PJs, I dragged my heavy ass to the door, feeling extremely annoyed.

Saw this representative from Broadgate Park (BGP)who gave me a 5 minute lecture.

"Blah Blah Blah, You will have to pay for the damages blah blah blah..."

Yes that's all that registered in my head. When she's done, I gladly closed my door in her face and crawled back in my warm nest of teddies, pillows, and cotton duvet. ZZZzzzz...

Seriously! There's no need to knock in such an uncivilized manner at a ridiculously early hour of 9am! If she had "accidentally" brokened the door, then BGP would make me pay for the damages as well. Sheesh! If it were to deliver me an English breakfast, fine, I would be more than happy to be woken up. Wake me up just to tell me to pay you more money? Forget it! I'm not so stupid lo!

Repaired damage.

All this because of 1 BIG IDIOT who decided to take a huge chunk of cement off the staircase in my accommodation block. I have no idea whatsoever about what he used to break off so much solid hard cement. From what I've gathered, the steel skeleton of the construction was stripped bare of cement, and the metal was observed to be dented as well. That explains why BGP is furious about it. Now BGP wants the entire block to pay for the damages, simply because they cannot find the culprit.

The same principle applies to the Fire Alarm thing that they also want us to pay for. It only takes 1 idiot to do something stupid, and BGP will turn it into a money making opportunity. The fire alarm rang at 4 something AM because some idiot decided that waking everyone up with the fire alarm at 4am would be FUN. It was extremely unpleasant to be standing out in the cold with only a jacket and my PJs for 30 minutes. What was even more distasteful was another "payment speech" thrown at us by another BGP rep. There's no worse way to start my day.

Why should we pay for the sins of some idiot? In case BGP has forgotten, we are as innocent as they are. Furthermore, who would be stupid enough to damage his/her own accommodation block. For all we know, it could be BGP's evil plan to make us pay more because the recession is taking a toll on BGP's bank account.

Let's put it this way,
BGP is a company that earns plenty of money each academic year, all from students.
Student are here on a budget, whose income comes from their parents.

I'm sure the cost of repairing is nothing compared to your BIG FAT BANK ACCOUNT. In contrast, every little extra cost could mean the world to a student. I'm pretty sure that BGP can fix the situation and still have PLENTY OF PROFIT to drown the manager with.

SUPER GERAM. But Big Bird came to my rescue with a magical tub of Haagen Daz Limited Edition Caramel and Cookies (I think). It's amazing how much magic some ice cream can do :D

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