Wednesday, February 25, 2009

of penises and tofu

"The level of erection hardness is measured in a scale of one to four using the Erection Hardness Score (EHS) developed by the European Association of Urology.

'Level one is like tofu where the male organ is large but not hard,

level two is similar to a peeled banana where it’s not hard enough for penetration,

level three is like an unpeeled banana where it’s hard enough for penetration but not completely,

and level four is similar to a cucumber where it’s completely hard and fully rigid'

explained said Dr Rosie King, who led the study in the Asia Pacific region from May to July 2008."

entirely extracted from an article from The Star.

Okay, maybe it's not that funny, it's as bad as a guy asking which girl has AA cup boobs. *Avoiding eye contact* Don't get me wrong, I love tofu to bits, along with all tofu products, especially Tau Foo Fah (My No.1 favourite dessert in the whole wide world, not even ice cream can't beat). Now everytime I see tofu, I will be reminded of men with floppy dicks. Gross-ness. *Pukes*

So this is how experts view penises, as fruits/vegetables. Might I add the study was conducted by Pfizer, the company that sells Viagra! Publicity in disguise, hohoho... They want to psycho people into needing their product. I feel sorry for men who are floppy and stupid, because 4 tablets of (any strength) Viagra can easily cost over RM 200 in Malaysia, and about 60 pounds in UK.

So boys, look after your little bros. Watch those cans of sugar loaded Coke. Don't get diabetes. Because when you get diabetes, God throws in erectile dysfunction absolutely FREE.


aSmiCe said...

hahahha gosh~

chubikia said...

I can almost hear Andrew cringe XD