Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Valentines Day

Breaking news:
This just in! This girl has PASSED her First Aid Exam!!! And got a free MUG to boot too ;) Thank you all for the wishes, thank you dummy for not breaking under my thrusts, thank you anonymous-civil-engineer-volunteer-casualty for calming me down and being such a gentle casualty to me. Looking forward to my first duty =P

Eh, no one is allowed to make me perform CPR again for the next 3 days.
I have had enough practising with the poor bear on my bed.
Please faint nearer to another first aider, thank you.
Or, better still, faint near a hot guy.


Whoever said being single on Valentines Day is lonely, is obviously a sick person whom no one wants to spend a moment with. I had a blast on Valentines day. Well I did spend the morning cleaning my toilet, and my muddy shoes (from the dirty snow) it somehow felt good, rather than pathetic. Unlike some people, I take pride in being clean. Gleaming white shoes and disinfectant scented toilets have endorphin-like effects on my soul =)

Of course, I did go out later in the evening. It is, Valentines Day after all.

A generous restock of my chocolate stash!
(I don't think I ever want to be attached on Valentines day again.)

A single red rose...

A sumptuous buffet dinner with 12 other singles...

A couple of glasses of alcohol for the occasion...

Myself, IngChang and 3D glasses.

A camwhore that was NOT drunk!

And that pretty much sums up my Valentines Day celebration.
My word, VDay is much fun with friends than with a significant other, I think I'm now addicted to singlehood. Hahaha! Special thanks to EeHow, Kelvin, Simon, Daniel, Shin Hau, BigBird, IngChang, Grace, and YitLing for making Vday, my day =)

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