Tuesday, April 14, 2009

ha! ha! bar & grill

HA HA Bar & Grill
(the name links to its website)
Unit 3, Weekday Cross, Nottingham NG1 2GB
Close to Yo! Sushi, La Tasca, Pitchers & Piano

I do my homework before visiting such posh restaurants. By looking up their menu, and prices, I make sure that I know what's good to order, and also how much cash to bring XD

Public Announcement:

I never carry a lot of cash on me so please don't rob me, thank you.

My first impression was: expensive and boring.
You know, the type that you go to just to impress people.

Stupidly, I arrived on time. Dang, I'm losing touch with my Malaysian side, especially our unique Malaysian timing. So I had to wait till 3/4 past for the other dozen to arrive. Kudos to Penny and friend for arriving on time, but that's because she's Thai and not Malaysian.

Since I'm early I decided to go occupy the reserved table first. That simple task alone took me 15 minutes, simply because the staff were too ignorant and busy. Obviously they were understaffed. I see waiters hustling, left and right, across a 30% occupancy restaurant. I was not impressed at all. To think that I expected decent service from an expensive restaurant like this!

To add to the less than satisfactory service, the food was horrible.
As you may have observed from the photo above, no one was in a hurry to dig in.

My Appetizer:
Salmon and King Prawn Salad
This was decent, although I wished that there were more generous with the dressing. I could produce more mucus with a blow of my nose than the miserable drips of dressing across my salad. Nothing special there though. I could've done this at home, really.

My Main Course:
Sausages and Mash.
For a main meal, I did expect to have a larger portion. I mean, this is so totally kid-sized! The sausages are OK, and the mash was surprisingly normal. So normal that I am almost angry at myself for forking out so much for it. To make things worse, they just had to have Spring Onions in the mash. I loathe Spring Onions! Although I must admit, that part was totally personal.

To be frank, everyone else wasn't too happy with their meals either, with many opting to fill up the quarter-tanked stomach at McDonald's. Money not well spent I say. The restaurant did send me a voucher for £10 off my next meal, on the conditions that I brought 1 other friend, and that the total bill has to be >£20. I have never reacted with such low levels of optimism to a "£10 off voucher". It scares me to think that I have to put another friend through such torture and having to fork out a minimum of £10 for it. Maybe another day, when I find someone I dislike enough.

The large gathering was intended to celebrate 2 lovely people.

To welcome young Jobie to UK!
She is such a darling, and I look forward to "polluting" her young mind with all things Western, good or bad, when she comes back in September!

And of course, last but not least, the man of the hour,
ING CHANG's 23rd Birthday!!!
Happy Birthday again, Buaya. I promise to try my hardest to not bully you.
Hahaha, you know we love you to bits =)

I shall end this uninspired entry, lecture style.
So the take home message is, visiting Ha Ha Bar & Grill is not recommended unless you have too much money on your hands.

No wait, if you have too much money on your hands, you're better off buying me dinner rather than to waste it here.

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