Monday, April 27, 2009

The most spectacular hangover

My definition of a hangover:
Any unusual symptoms that follow a night of drinking.
Something that would have never occurred if I had not been drinking, and which effect wears off after some time.

If you accept my definition, then please acknowledge that I have had the most amazing hangover that I can ever ask for.

No vomiting / headache / lethargy.
(Although I did have a slight headache just before I slept, I suspect it was due to the poor ventilation at the venue, and not due to the alcohol.)

It was 15 hours worth of pure study mood with top quality concentration! Surprisingly, I was wide awake by 9am, and had the willpower of a most kiasu nerd to study all the way till 12am.

Strangely, I didn't drink that much.It was only about 2 shots of vodka, and 1 shot of chivas. I went home walking in a straight line, dead sober I was. Having only a lobster red complexion and a racing pulse, that was all to my drinking.

How awesome is that?! I don't need to question how it happened, for I only cared that it happened! It's now Monday, and that effect has worn off. Back to being the lazy humbug that I am now.

I need to get "it" back! Drinking again anybody?

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CWKen said...

huh? 2 shots of vodka and 1 shot of chivas where can get hangover wan? probably good enough just for a good night deep sleep.