Sunday, April 19, 2009

West Side Story

West Side Story
Live at the Royal Theatre, Nottingham.

I meant to post this up ages ago, but I've just been procrastinating so badly. However I'll do a short write up for it just for the sake of it because this was strangely the highlight of my Easter Holidays. Getting the ticket was a mean feat on its own, due to a couple of hiccups. Lesson Learnt: Avoid trying to plan events for a crowd, of which only a couple of people are interested in. I guess some people just tend to overlook the fact that I do take this very seriously.

Against of all odds, two true blue fans of musicals forced their way against the currents to land their butts in the prestigious Royal Theatre. I am very proud to say we made it!

The intricate interior of the Royal Theatre, luxuriously decorated yet understated.
No mere mortal will have the pleasure of ruining our dreams, and for our hearts very desire, we had to strive!

You see the thing is, people didn't realise what a huge fuss West Side Story was. So much for trying to save them from missing out on this hit musical, wishful thinking now terminated. The tickets were nearly sold out even before the musical arrived in Nottingham, leaving only randomly scattered single seats of the poorest quality available. Obviously the pricier ones, or should I say the ones with the best view were snapped out long ago. I have to give it to the Britons for being so passionate about their hobby. That is the exact reason why the tickets for the June'09 British Grand Prix in Silverstone were long sold out by April'09.

Rubbing it in the faces of those who tried to hold me back!

As if a miracle, I somehow managed to secure 2 side by side seats for the musical in the Dress Circle for less than £40! It was meant to be =D Don't ask me how I got them at that price and at that time, its a secret! The Dress Circle waiting lounge was posh! A grand piano stood majestically in the corner, serenading the patrons who were invited to indulge in some wine and fine dining that was available at the lounge. Grace and I, both felt crazily "elite", and it was a privilege to be there =)

Showing off pose. I watched WSS and you didn't!
*Insert choice villaneous laugh here*

Dear Grace my "Date of the Day" looking as sweet as ever.

We were this close to the stage, and we can hear each tap from the dancers feet.

Unfortunately I cannot contribute any photography of the performance as any photography or video recording was prohibited. But goodness me, the reviews weren't kidding when they were raving about them.
The musical wasn't just good, it was BRILLIANT, SPLENDID, MARVELLOUS, SPECTACULAR, BREATHTAKING! The songs haunted my head, and the poor people who lived in the flats around my room, for days!!!

I was swept off my feet by Daniel Koek, the lead actor who played Tony.

If anyone sees his album anywhere, can you please let me know?
Here's a sampling of a self titled tenor.

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