Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Meeting Emma

Thanks to Friends International, I was assigned to meet with a local family.

Tom, Baby Katie, Emma, and myself

On Good Friday,Emma invited me over to their cozy home for lunch. It was a great pleasure, meeting them, they're all such cool people. Especially young Katie. She's so adorable, and she looks like a doll!.... I just can't take my eyes off her. I bet Kimi Raikkonen must be so jealous now, hahahaa...

My taste buds met houmous, and goats cheese for the very first time. Goats cheese was so very strange, but it tastes better with every bite, how very peculiar! Gonna get me hands on somemore and see where it goes. This is really English hospitality, with REAL english diet =P

Emma is very lively and approachable, she enthusiastically showed me her recipes books, because I was obsessed with making bread and butter pudding at the time. It so happened that she was also a pharmacist, and I was able to share my thoughts about the course. Her husband Tom works with computers, and is a pretty cool guy, he somehow reminds me of Lilian, my ex-roommate. Miss Lilian so much :(

I did not know what to bring for our first meeting, so I brought some good o' Seri Kaya. Thank goodness they loved it! I don't have anything else that is Malaysian to offer them, other than my Manglish, teeheehee...

It was a short and sweet afternoon that I will not forget. Hopefully there will be more opportunities to get to know the family better soon.


My assessments start this week so it'll be very very busy. You can tell, I'm not very inspired to write. That's because I had to take pain killers to sleep last night, but my period pain is still bugging me badly now =( Hate the agony! *throw tantrum*

I'm going back to bed. Good night, world.

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