Friday, April 24, 2009

Karaoke Song Bird

With my toxicology assignment, and the first of my dispensing assessments over and done, I was in the mood to blow off some steam. The Bird who had a tough week with multiple presentations trapped in a suit, decided that he needed a break as well!

We were such geniuses to come up with an impromptu Karaoke session!!! For a small room at Terracotta, it's £8/room/hour. A medium room goes for £10/room/hour. But the manager was so sweet to offer me a medium room at the cost of a small room. AWESOME!

Yes, its was just the 2 of us. Because the rest of them were MALAS.
I guess that just goes to show how enthusiastic we were.
2 hormonally imbalanced psychos.

The Bird hiding his "square" face but not his new haircut.

The Spanish Songbird and myself.
Tackled all the English songs we could find on their karaoke system.
We left behind a huge echo of our attempt at ZOMBIE, woohoohoooo!

2 mics, 2 hours, 1 night of insanity goes a long way,
to keep 2 university student's depression at bay.
More karaoke anybody?

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