Thursday, April 30, 2009

Raspberries and Laughing Gas

Twas a rainy Saturday morning, I was out to run some personal errands, banking, posting, and all that are mundane. As I passed Fred Hallam, and they were selling raspberries at only £1 / box! Last summer, I remember them going for about £2-£3 for the same amount! Needless to say, the cheapo in me got the better of me. Joining the crowds, I was snatching a box for myself.

The raspberries that were selling like hot cakes.
Red, luscious, sweet and juicy raspberries <3
Can you see drops of raspberry juice around the box?

Look how fresh and succulent they look!!!
I was happy for the rest of the day =)

Another happy story, was my first experience with the infamous,
LAUGHING GAS aka Nitrous Oxide
(BNF 56 Page 680)

The Gas and Aidan's hand.
One of the gases which can be administered by a trained first aider.
As a St John Ambulance member, we basically had a Play Day on Tuesday.
Commercially called Entonox, it is indicated for mild analgesia for anyone who is in acute pain. For example, a pregnant lady in labor, or someone who's just broken a bone.

Aidan, a medic student, having a go at Entonox.
But of course, we're not interested in pain relief, but what it can do to a normal person, like Aidan. After 30 second of huffing and puffing Entonox, Aidan got high. Light headed and really high, laughing and giggling all to himself. When prompted, he likened the feeling to having smoked plenty of weed.

Thankfully curiousity didn't kill me, miao...
I had a go at Entonox too. I didn't really understand what "weed high" was, so I was just puffing away waiting for something to happen. And then, it just hit me out of nowhere and I knew it when it happened!!! I felt light, and I could feel my pupil dilate, and this sudden euphoria, WOW! Good stuff and good times indeed! I want to do this again!

We also had a play in a real ambulance, pushing all the buttons, turning on the sirens, flashing the blue lights, opening all the compartments, rummaging through their stuff, and taking rides in their stretchers, and trolley beds.

We had more pictures in the ambulance, but unfortunately they're in the camera of this adorable Hungarian fellow whose name I can't pronounce.

Rare light moments a couple of weeks prior to exams. Sigh. Back to serious reality.
Wish me luck.

Prescription for self:

Pharmacy Lectures
2 lectures bd
Quantity:4 modules

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